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Divorce in January

If you are considering divorce, the first of the year is a good time to start the process. Jodi Terzich and Shannon Ort from Terzich and Ort stopped by to explain all of the advantages. 

Jodi and Shannon see an increase in filings in January. And they say there are some good reasons for that.

1. Financials

People have access to their retirement account information, W-2s and 1099s at this time of year which can help with the financial picture for your divorce. Also, tax returns are often used to cover lawyer fees.

2. Housing

Jodi and Shannon see this time as a good time to start working to get your house ready and on the market. This can line up with a springtime sale.

3. Kids

Children are settled in at school and teachers can help watch for any issues. The timing also works out that any transitions can happen over the summer.

Jodi and Shannon say that divorce can be as simple or as complicated as the people involved want to make it. Hennepin County wants all divorces to take less than a year, so it is reasonable to think that starting in January means you'll be completed before the holidays roll around next year.

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