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Acupuncture for Heartburn

When googling “heartburn and holidays”, nearly half a million links pop up. Many pointing to eating and drinking in moderation this time of year. But if you're one of the roughly 7-million people in the US that experience reflux symptoms all year long, there's relief beyond popping pills. There's acupuncture. Our holistic health expert and owner of Healing Insight in Saint Paul, Senia Mae stopped by to show us how it works.

  • What is reflux?
    • Heartburn that’s caused by excess acid
    • Food rising up and irritating the throat or esophagus
    • Stress makes it worse
  • How is it usually treated?
    • One of the most prescribed drugs are acid blockers like Prilosec and Prevacid.
    • One third of Americans take these!
    • Increased risk of osteoporosis and broken bones, heart attacks, kidney disease, vitamin B12 deficiency
  • What do the drugs miss?
    • Drugs decrease the heartburn
    • They do nothing for the food rising up, the closure between the esophagus and the stomach is still open
    • They do nothing for the stress that clenches the stomach and pushes the food up
    • Long term use of drugs can lead to a deficiency in stomach acid
  • What does acupuncture do (differently) for chronic reflux?
    • Works directly on the stomach to close the lower esophageal sphincter so food doesn’t rise up
    • Reduces inflammation in the stomach and throat
    • Reduces stress that’s affecting digestion
  • How long does it take to see results?
  • Start to notice a difference after a few treatments
  • Takes 3-4 months to resolve
  • Herbs for reflux
    • Gastroquell
    • Coptis: decreases inflammation and bad breath
    • Bamboo shavings: sends food downward again, decreases inflammation and bad taste in throat
    • Bupleurum: decreases stress that triggers reflux
  • Foods for reflux
    • Celery decreases heartburn and bad breath
      • Eat it when you’re at holiday parties


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