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Be Well with TCL: Deep Breathing

The holidays can be joyous, but they can also bring on some big-time stress. There are relatives that pop by unannounced, there can be dinner disasters and so on. But there's one thing we can all count on - it's a good deep breathing exercise.  In Be Well with TCL, the founder of www.yogaandpilatesonline.com, Annalicia Lynn stopped by with techniques to help you breathe a little easier.

  1. Lion's Breath
    • Also a facial yoga exercise (can help tone and tighten the muscles in your face and neck)
  2. The power of Deep Breathing
    • One of the quickest, easiest ways to get your body out of "fight or flight" mode (which is not only where we feel anxious and mentally exhausted, but is also a state that makes it easier for illness to develop)
    • Just 30 seconds of deep breathing makes a big difference, you can do it anywhere, and no one has to know
  3. Deep Breathing + Hip Stretches = Magical Combo for Stress Relief During Holidays
    • Seated Pigeon
    • Modified Pigeon (a few variations)
    • Half Pigeon

If you want Annalicia to lead you through some deep breathing and hip stretches at home, head to her website, YogaAndPilatesOnline.com and sign up for her Free 21-Day Movement Challenge. You'll receive instant access to her 30-minute Sunset Yoga video...a perfect way to help you relax this holiday season.