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Apps for Holiday Cooking and Entertaining

If you are spending a lot of time running to the grocery store over the holidays, a few apps for your smartphone can save you time and money! Lifestyle and business expert Carla Beaurline teamed up with XFINITY® from Comcast to present a few of their techie finds. 

Coupon Sherpa - this app organizes all of your coupons in one place. And makes it easy to find more!

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner - this app gives you ideas for what to make depending on the ingredients and time you have. Plus you can shake it to come up with a random recipe!

Key Ring - this app keeps all of your loyalty cards organized. It also displays barcodes that can be scanned at the register.

XFINITY TV - this app lets XFINITY users watch TV on the go. It would also be great to use in the kitchen if you don't have a TV in there.

XFINITY WiFi - this app finds the nearest XFINITY wifi hot spot