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Taking Selfies

A 2015 survey of 16 to 25 year old women, the beauty website, Feel Unique, found that on average, they take seven selfies before they’ll post just one of them.  These selfie sessions can take as long as 16 minutes!  Health and Wellness expert, Grace Gold shares her advice for cutting that time down!

TIP #1 – Light and Look Up

It’s all about lighting! The right kind can make your pictures come alive, while insufficient light can ruin a photo. The best light is always natural, so it’s ideal to stand near a window or to go outside. Inside or at night, you want the light to be in front of you – not directly overhead or behind you. And you’ll always want to look up into the camera – never down – your skin will appear smoother and more luminous, since the light will brighten your face. And now you can even get a cell phone lighting case made to perfectly light all your selfies and nighttime shots!

Lumee Lighting Case $39


TIP # 2 – Smile To Feel & Look Happy

Studies have shown that smiling actually makes you feel happier and more confident, and confidence is the most important thing you can project in a photo. However, a survey found that nearly 2.4 million teens feel most self-conscious about their teeth. If you have a teen who doesn’t want to smile, it may be time to consider Invisalign Teen Clear Aligners.

What they are: a custom-made series of clear, comfortable aligners that are worn over teeth and are changed every two weeks while teeth gradually shift into place. They’re removable and virtually invisible, so there is so much less social awkwardness to impact your teen's confidence and self-esteem.

Traditionally, metal braces have been a right of passage for teens that’s hard to go through, but with 20 years of advanced technology, kids no longer need to go that painful and embarrassing route – and they can feel good from the inside out by wanting to smile more in their photos!

Minneapolis has been chosen for a very special offer called Invisalign Teen Guarantee – it gives parents the confidence to choose Invisalign Teen clear aligners knowing that if they are not satisfied within the first six months of treatment, a participating doctor will switch their teen into traditional wires and brackets at no additional cost. 


TIP #3 – Zap Shine

Too much shine can ruin photos, and teen skin can be super shiny by nature. There are a few things you can do for the t-zone: blot and press with a tissue before snapping, use an oil-control moisturizer, or try a shine control powder. We hear a lot these days about looking glowing in photos, but the difference between greasy and glowing is that shine in the t-zone looks greasy, while luminosity anywhere else on the face looks glowing. 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, $10; Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Agent Zero Shine $30


TIP #4 – Wear Color

Solid colors look amazing in photos, and really pop with Instagram filters. Color brings energy to your photos, and some studies have shown up to 40% more likes on average! Colors can also make us feel emotions that enhance photos – from the power of red to the calming serenity of blue and the relaxed tone of green.