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“Experience” Gift Ideas & Deals

More and more people are getting into experiences over buying material items. So, we have enlisted the help of our adventurous reporter Emily Engberg. She’s known for trying all sorts of new things. She has compiled a list of three of her favorite experiences that would make great gift ideas. She also has deals.

  1. Extreme Sandbox

Extreme Sandbox is based in Hastings. It’s basically a playground for folks to play with big construction equipment. It’s fun for guys and gals and it’s certainly a fun thing for folks to do as team building. The owner, Randy Stenger, was featured on Shark Tank and two sharks backed his business proposal on the show.

Now through the end of Friday, December 9th buy one full price adventure and get one free. The certificates never expire and can be used year round.


  1. Four Seasons Curling Club

This is where people that are really good at curling go to play. It’s also for newbies like Emily. It’s the perfect sport for people of all ages to enjoy. There’s even a restaurant in the facility. So, you can make it a night out.

Now through Wednesday, December 7th at 5 p.m. mention TCL and get 50% off Friday Fun League. The league runs for four weeks through January. You can sign up as a team or individual. Free pizza and beer are included for every game you play.


  1. Segway Tours of Minnesota

There is a lot of history in the Twin Cities and one way to see some it is by Segway. Emily checked out Segway Tours of Minnesota to see the tour that takes folks around parts of Minneapolis. They also do tours in St. Paul. It’s perfect for folks who want to see different parts of their own city or to share what the cities has for guests.

Now through Monday, December 12th buy four gift certificates and get $20 off of each.