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Newer, Local Company Gift Ideas

Every week, Emily features Minnesota companies that have a long history in our state. But there are also so many new companies that are worth checking out. Emily found four that would make great gift ideas for the holidays.

  1. Spoon Optional

Spoon Optional is exactly what it sounds like. Soup that can, but doesn’t have to be, eaten with a spoon. There are thirteen seasonal soups. They can be eaten hot or cold and area healthy, fast and convenient.

  1. Anywhere Apparel

    Anywhere Apparel is the ideal travel gear for the person who is on the go, but can’t pack a big suitcase. The men’s and women’s pieces are sleek, stylish and they wear nicely. The women’s jacket is reversible and the guy’s jacket can be made into a satchel.

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  1. Strey Designs

Strey Designs was started by a Minnesota native who loves to create. She has always had a background in art. The U of M grad found a piece of leather at the U and started playing. The rest is history. Her designs are sophisticated and durable.

  1. Swannies

Swannies is a golf brand that seeks out golfers who want to have fun. Their shoes and gear are reasonably priced and more approachable for the younger and new golfer. Although, the products are also becoming a hit with seasoned golfers, too. Their gear can be found in stores all over the country.

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