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Good Company: Coborns Delivers

Coborn’s has been a family run business for five generations. It started back in 1921 as a produce market, but over the years has certainly changed. There are one hundred twenty retail locations across the Midwest. There’s also a delivery service. The company’s revenue is $1.4 billion.

Coborns Delivers has a 140,000 square foot warehouse in New Hope. Trucks line the parking lot ready for delivery. The smaller trucks can take some eighteen to twenty deliveries in one truck at a time. The bigger trucks are around thirty. The warehouse is full of groceries. Employees use what are call smart carts to ensure customers get the right items. Everything is scanned, chosen and packed. Temperatures are also checked to ensure food safety.

Coborns Delivers sells all sorts of things and a lot of it. So far this year, more than 727,000 bananas have been sold. More than 1,177,000 bottle of water have been purchased and more than two hundred fifty four tons of water softener have been sold.

The Coborn family is still very active in the employee owned business. Emily Coborn is the granddaughter of the founder. She says it is the people that have made the business successful.

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