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Best Workout When You’re Feeling Lazy

There are a million excuses not to work out.  Fitness Expert, Ali Holman, says she has heard them all too!  Even if your excuse is because you are too lazy…she’s got a workout for you!

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Ali showed us:

1.  ONE SONG WORKOUT:  Pick your favorite song & do the following sequence:  

10 Squats/10 Pushups/10 Plyos/10 Lunges, keep repeating

2.  SQUAT CHALLENGE:  While you're brushing your teeth or even in the kitchen, do the following sequence:

10 narrow squats, 10 narrow squat jumps, 10 sumo squats, 10 wide squat jumps

3.  COMMERCIAL CHALLENGE: While you're watching TV, use the commercials to fit in your workout:  

Commercial #1:  Straight Plank, Commercial #2:  Cardio Half Jacks:  Commercial #2:  Reverse lunge pulses



1.  Pebble Challenge: Have 2 cups, 5 pebbles in one, none in the other.  During the week, when each workout is completed, simply drop a pebble in the DONE cup and see your accomplishments visualized!

2.  Clothes Trick:  Laying your clothes out is a sure-fire motivator to get your workout done and a good visual reminder.

3.  Post-It Motivation:  Need someone to tell you that you're awesome, that you can do it, that your workout will be worth it?  Leave simple reminders

4.  Water Challenge: Challenge yourself to drinking 1/2 oz water per lb of body weight per day