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Ask the Derm: How Can I Get Natural Full Lips?

It's no secret that many of the Real Housewives have had a little somethin' somethin' done...especially the lips.  Lisa Rinna from the Beverly Hills franchise, openly admits she's no stranger to over-plumping them up and has said it was a big mistake.

There's nothing wrong with doing something for yourself that makes you feel better, but in some cases there’s something to the saying “Less is More.” So we sent TCL reporter Kelli Hanson to Ask the Dermatologist, how can you get full lips but still keep it looking natural?

Dr. Mohiba Tareen from Tareen Dermatology says when you change the entire structure of the lips, they’ll never be the same. It’s why she uses a product called Restylane Silk. She showed Kelli how it cannot only make your lips look naturally fuller, but can also fill in the fine lines around the lips, essentially pulling them up and giving them a fuller appearance.