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Makeup Gifts

There are thousands, millions of gifts you can buy this Christmas. But there's probably one gift you haven't thought to buy, makeup. Women buy their own makeup right? TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says it's time to rethink that and stuff those stockings with a little bronzer. She stopped by with her favorites for any age and skin tone.

  1. Refine and Define eye shadow palette
  2. Baja Bronze Collection - Large book of 8 colors
  3. Baja Bronze Collection small book
  4. Shine it on! - Illuminating powders
  5. Gift set of essential oils



Use Promo Code Julie40 at www.measurabledifference.com

Bundle: Refine and Define, Baja Bronze large book and the Shine it on! Book

It's normally $60 for all 3, but is 40% off through Friday night!


Link: https://www.measurabledifference.com/limited-edition-bronze-beauty-collection?