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Good Company: General Store of Minnetonka

General Store of Minnetonka has become a hot spot for shopping. The store is filled with just about everything you can imagine - cooking items, food, clothing, decorative items and fun gag gifts. The store has been around since 1984. It originally began as a way to showcase all sorts of artisans for the holidays. It quickly became popular and people wanted more.

Today, there are thousands of items from all over Minnesota and the country. It started as a family run business and it still is today. Owner Gail Bollis loves that her family works alongside her. Her dad and brother even helped build the store. Her daughter, Jenny, says she’s so proud of her mom. She took an idea and turned it into a successful business that people still love.

In 2000, the store expanded and a café and bistro was added. Gail says one of the biggest hits is her mom’s pumpkin bars. They have become so popular that they are now sold year round. Popovers are also big sellers.

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