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Ultimate Mommy Makeover Treatments

Whether you had a baby a month ago or 20-years ago, you know the territory of the post baby body. Things don't quite look the way they used to. But lucky for moms, these days you can get your body back without invasive surgery.  In this Be Well with TCL, our straight talking OBGYN. Dr Lisa Erhard from Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery and Spa, stopped by with ways to get an ultimate mommy makeover.

1. Breast appearance -- aka: sagging breasts
**Pregnancy & nursing can deflate a woman's breasts (empty or stretched out look)**
+ Treatment: Thermi Breast – non-surgical breast lift
- stimulates collagen production

**Minimally Invasive**
- no incision
- no stitches
- no downtime

2. Soft tummy -- aka: jelly belly, post-baby pouch
**Pregnancy & childbirth can stretch the skin, create stretch marks, leave breast feeling literally depleted**
+ Treatment:  ThermiTight: non-surgical, minimally invasive tummy tightening

**other treatments**
- SculpSure

3. Stretch marks -- aka: tiger stripes, mommy tattoos
+ Treatments: ThermiTight

**other treatments (quick)**
+ Skin Pen - stimulates collagen production
+ Microlaser peel

4. Weak bladder -- aka: leaky bladder
**Childbirth weakens the pelvic floor muscles, which can cause an overactive bladder**
+ Treatment: Thermiva


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