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Crowd Pleasing Beef

Serving beef to a crowd can be tricky.  Uncle Frank likes his holiday roast rare but your brother will only eat it well done.  Charlie Cory from Big Steer Meats joins us to share the one cut of beef that is sure to please everyone.

The Ribeye Roast is large enough to have a variety of levels of doneness from rare to medium rare to well done.  Serve this for your large gatherings. 

The Tenderloin is a little more lean and expensive than the ribeye and is best for smaller groups.  Boneless roasts will provide you with more bang for your buck.

A Bone-In Ribeye is the cheapest of the options.  The bone adds flavor plus it will increase the cooking time.

One of the most lean options is the Sirloin Tip Roast.

If you just don’t want to cook at all this holiday season, support local restaurants featuring local beef like the St. Paul Grill and Lake Elmo Inn.


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