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Fire & Flour

This week on Twin Cities Live, we’re exploring the Modern Mill City. Minneapolis earned the moniker “Mill City” because it was known as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World” for 50 years in the 1800’s. But after World War I, the milling industry moved elsewhere and by the middle of the 1900’s, the once-booming mills were all shut down. But today, many bakers will say we’re in the middle of a bread and flour revolution in the Twin Cities. In our final installment of our special series, “Modern Mill City,” Elizabeth meets Chris Boles, the man behind “Fire & Flour,” a homemade bread baking business based in Chaska. Chris says his use of heritage wheat and a process called extended fermentation created a highly nutritious product. Chris shows Elizabeth how to shape loaves of bread in his home kitchen and shares that the secret to great bread starts with super high quality flour. His favorite flour comes from Sunrise Flour Mill in North Branch.

For more information on Sunrise Flour Mill, click here.

For more information on Fire & Flour, click here.  

Fire & Flour upcoming bread drops:

Saturday November 19th 11am-1pm, Chris will be at GYST Fermentation for the GYST Market featuring Fire & Flour Bread and Keepsake Cidery.

November 27th at Holidazzle Mpls (4pm-6pm)

December 11th at Holidazzle Mpls (4pm-6pm)

December 17th at GYST Market (11am-1pm)