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Good Company: ACME Comedy Company

ACME Comedy Company is celebrating twenty five years of business. In that twenty five years, hundreds if not thousands of comedians have come through to showcase their talent. Comedians like Robbin Williams, Kevin Smith, and Louis C.K. have all performed on the stage. On Monday’s newbies can also showcase their talents in open mic night. The night is free for guests.

The venue seats two hundred seventy five people. It’s in the basement of the Itasca Building in Minneapolis’ warehouse district. The ceilings are low making it feel cozy and intimate. It’s almost like you’re sitting in the comedian’s living room.

The greenroom is in the back of the stage. The wall is full of signatures from all sorts of comedians who have made a stop at ACME.

ACME Comedy Company also has Sticks Restaurant which includes a full menu and bar.

For a complete list of upcoming shows, click here.