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Invisalign for Teens

Many teens end up with braces to fix their teeth, but they don't have to have a mouth full of metal. An orthodontist tells us how Invisalign can work for teens too. And she busts a few myths about teens and their teeth too.

Myth #1: Invisalign costs more than metal braces

The costs are comparable and insurance and flex spending accounts can be used.

Myth #2: You don't have to worry about straightening your child's teeth until they are a teen

Actually, children need to be evaluated by at least seven years old. Catching problems early can lead to more effective and affordable treatments down the road.

Myth #3: Invisalign is not as effective on teens as traditional braces

Invisalign can be just as effective. And since there aren't food restrictions and they don't show up in pictures, the can actually be easier for teens to deal with.

Myth #4: Teeth straightening is only a cosmetic concern

Not only can straight teeth help with self-esteem, proper alignment means healthier teeth and gums. Misalignment can lead to sore jaw, improper chewing and enamel erosion.

Through Janurary 30th, 2017, Invisalign is offering the Invisalign Teen Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Invisalign Teen for any reason within the first six months, your teen can switch to braces at no additional cost. For more information on the Invisalign Teen Guarantee, click here.