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Bakers Field

Minneapolis was known as the “Flour Milling Capital of the World” for fifty years back in the 1800’s when the industry was instrumental in helping the city grow. But after World War 1, the milling industry went into decline and the mills had all shut down by the mid 1900’s. This week, we’re exploring the current state of flour milling and baking in the Twin Cities in our series “Modern Mill City.”

Today, Elizabeth visits a bakery that’s doing something very unusual: milling its own flour. It’s called Bakers Field Flour & Bread in Northeast Minneapolis. After selling his Rustica Bakery, Steve Horton wanted to get back to the basics of milling and natural, extended fermentation in bread baking. And so Bakers Field was born.

For more information on Bakers Field, click here.


And to find out where you can buy their flour and bread, click here: https://bakersfieldflour.com/store-locator/