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Em’s Adventures: Holiday Dress Exhibit at Galleria

The Galleria in Edina has a special exhibit showcasing local designers. Twelve of the designers were given the task of coming up with a dress that highlights a verse from the classic song “12 Days of Christmas”. For example nine ladies dancing and five golden rings. Every dress has a unique flare and design. Grant Whittaker is the curator of the exhibit. He says it is fun to see what these creative minds have come up with. Guests will be in awe of what they are featuring. Emily was challenged to see what her interpretation would look like.

The dresses are showcased in the atrium by Pottery Barn. You can see them through December 30th.

Designers featured:

  • Samantha Rei
  • Danielle Everine
  • House of Nguyen
  • Russell Bourrienne
  • Kyra Deva
  • Dr. Zwack
  • Joynoelle
  • Kjurek/Kindred Folk
  • Anna Chambers-Goldberg (ACG)
  • Jenny Carle 
  • Allison Quinnell/Q&Co. Design
  • Hiccup by Hanley 

For more information on the Galleria, click here.