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Beauty Guru Top Secrets

This week we are digging deep and prying secrets from the experts in food, fashion and fun. We wanted to know the top secrets to pulling your look together and we turned to TCL Beauty Guru Sara Bartlett for all the answers. Here are her top beauty secrets…

  1. Double ended makeup brushes - Whether you're a minimalist, a frequent traveler or just don't want a ton of clutter in your makeup bag, double ended makeup brushes are your secret weapon for maximizing your application options. I'll bring my favorite set of double-sided brushes from EcoTools
  2. Mascara drying out? Put a couple drops of saline solution into the tube. This will help it loosen up and apply more nicely as a quick fix until you can buy a new tube. 
  3. Blisters? Keep a tiny (so tiny!) jar of vaseline in your purse. Anytime shoes rub, put some Vaseline on and you’re good to go. 
  4. Tie your entire makeup look together with one subtle, secret move: After you do your makeup, run a little bit of your blush through the crease of your eye, over your eye makeup. It's a small thing, but really pulls everything together.