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Ask the Veterinarian

It’s time for you to control the content on the show! We asked our Facebook fans to pose their pet-related questions for Doctor Erin Bequette, a veterinarian from the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota.

Dr. Bequette has advice for avoiding an emergency trip to the vet over Thanksgiving:

  • Don’t give your dog turkey skin, fat or bones
  • Make sure dogs don’t get into stuffing or any sweet with raisins as they’re toxic

Also remember that all homes you visit with your dog are pet-proofed. Emergency trips frequently occur over the holidays when dogs find rat poison. Dr. Bequette recommends keeping an extra close eye on your pet when you take them to another house.

AERC has over 30 years of serving the Twin Cities and their vets care for dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, bids, and more. Get the addresses of their Oakdale, Saint Paul, and member clinics here.