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Kettlebell Workout and Healthy Snacks for the Kids

We journey back 400 years to find a Russian weight for dry goods that makes a great piece of workout equipment - the kettlebell! Ali Holman from Core Camper shared a few moves and her ideas for healthy snacks the kids will love!

Kettlebell Moves
1.  Swings
2.  Pass Through Lunges
3.  Goblet Squat
4.  Squat/Around the Narrow Legs
5.  Snatch to Windmill
6.  Squat/Lateral Swings
Healthy Snacks for the Kids
1. Quesadilla Butterfly: Green Grapes down center, quesadilla wings, carrot antennas
2. Fish in the River:  Celery, cream cheese and goldfish
3. Turkey and Cheese Pretzel Bites:  Roll cheese around turkey and pierce pretzel stick through
4. Peanut Butter Apples:  Sliced apples, Natural peanut butter and dark chocolate chips