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Secret Passages at Popular Restaurants

The Twin Cities is full of some really great restaurants. Some of those restaurants include secrets. There are a handful of spots that have secret passages. Some are open to the public and some aren’t.

Joy Summers of Minnesota Monthly shares two of them. The first one is in Saint Paul at The Strip Club. It’s a spot that specializes in a cool setting with good cocktails. The menu is steaks and seafood. There’s a back fireplace on the second floor that is actually a secret room. The room isn’t used, but it is pretty interesting when you see someone go through it. To learn more about The Strip Club, click here.

The second location is a big spot for game watching in downtown Minneapolis. Pourhouse has a secret spot that is open to the public. It’s on the second floor by the bookshelf. It takes you to a back room that is private with its own bar. Then, there’s a second hidden spot in the door of a mock refrigerator. That door takes you to a back patio area.   

To learn more about Pourhouse, click here.


Both spots are very different and thanks to the hidden passages very unique.