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Good Company: Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has been home to delicious frozen treats since 1940. Today, there are Dairy Queens all over the country. It started when a father son duo came up with their soft serve recipe and contacted a friend who had an ice cream shop. The owner of the shop said they could have an “all you can eat” trial run. More than 1,600 servings of ice cream were given out. The rest is history and that same recipe is still used today.

Dairy Queen is headquartered in Edina, but it actually started in Illinois. So how did it make its way here? It was in the 1960’s when it became a corporation. The first president lived in the Twin Cities. The company headquarters has been here ever since.

Dairy Queen is known for its treats, but it also has food. The company has really worked hard at making that a big part of its brand.

Ice cream cones are famous for a curl at the top. It takes practice and folks who own a Dairy Queen store actually go to a special class for weeks to learn the skills needed. That includes the special curl. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg gave it a try and says it is much harder than it looks.

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