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Em’s Adventures: Culinary School

For 75 years people have been learning about food at St. Paul College’s Culinary Arts program. Cooks learn how to prepare all sorts of dishes in all sorts of environments. They learn how to do prep for small events to big banquets.

TCL reporter Emily Engberg doesn’t love to cook, but when she joined the students at the Culinary Arts program she certainly appreciated their determination. Emily learned to sear tuna, to plate a dish and she helped with baking.

Many of these people go on to work in local restaurants and some are determined to one day own their own.

Open Enrollment for new students begins Wednesday, Nov. 2nd and there is an open house at Saint Paul College that night from 5 - 7:30pm where students can learn about the programs, meet the instructors, and explore the classrooms. To get more information, click here.