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Family Slaw Night

Cooking for Dads host Rob Barrett says he knows what the next big family get together will be – Family Slaw Night!  He’s the man to show us all how cabbage can be fun!


1/2 small head of cabbage
handful of carrots
1/4 of a small onion
optional - sugar pea pods, cauliflower, red peppers, broccoli or other veggies as desired
1 package of Jimmy Dean’s Sage Sausage
apple cider vinegar
salt and pepper
chicken, shrimp, pork or steak
Gustus Vitae Wasabi Sea Salt or your favorite seasoning salt


Cook up a small handful of Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage, chopping it into small bits. Drain and put aside.

Using a food processor or chopping by hand, chop up cabbage, carrots, and onions adding what ever optional veggies you like. Place in a medium bowl. Add sausage.

Add equal parts apple cider vinegar, honey and mayo. Sprinkle with some salt and fresh ground pepper. Stir to combine. Start small and add more as necessary.

In a small frying pan cook up shrimp with Gustus Vitae Wasabi Sea Salt or your favorite seasoning salt. Set aside.

Cook up steak, chicken or pork in the same manner.

Place meats in separate bowls along side the slaw.

Have your family place some slaw in a bowl and add then their favorite combination of proteins.

Sit as a family with no phones at the table and enjoy.