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Getting a Great Beach Workout

The beach can be fun but it's also a place to get a great workout. And all you need is some sand and a beach ball or two. TCL Fitness Expert Nancy Stoneberg shared her moves with all of us at Grand Casino Hinckley.

Walking on the hard sand near the water can make things too easy. Walk on the soft sand instead, because Nancy says it requires balance, is a natural cushion and can use 20-50% more calories than walking on hard sand.

Grab a beach ball and try these workout moves:

  • Squat Walk with Beach Ball Over Head
  • Straight Arm Ball Squeeze
  • Beach Ball Run-Around
  • Beach Ball Knee Squeeze
  • Standing Beach Ball Ab Crunch

Do each exercise 10 times and go through this circuit three times.

For more exercise advice, visit Nancy's website by clicking here.