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Good Company: Benjos

For most of us, shoelaces seem more like a necessity than anything. But for a group of three guys in Minneapolis, shoelaces are a fashion statement. It’s a chance for the usually conservative guy to show a little flare on his feet.

Benjos was started by Ben Hertz, who traveled to Rome to visit his sister.  He was wearing red shoelaces all over Europe. People kept commenting on how great they looked. The comments continued when he got back to the states. In fact, he was known as the red shoelace guy. When one broke, he was a mission to find a new red lace. He had no luck. He continued his search for a company that sold colorful laces all over the country.  He eventually found spots in India and in China.

The company said they would send Ben laces, but he had to buy 10,000. Ben agreed. He came up with a name and a graphic and the company then sent Ben the laces. Ben named them Benjos. He called all those Boutiques that were interested in his fun laces when he was searching for a new pair. Those companies started buying in.

Benjos was officially started in 2011. Today, the company is also run by Justin Sucher and Foley Schmidt in Minneapolis. They are all young entrepreneurs who have found a passion in shoelaces, but they believe it is the customer service and the story behind their company that makes them successful.

There are some 50 types of laces and they are sold in stores all over the country.

To learn more and to find out where you can buy Benjos products, click here.