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10/14 Movie Trip

Coming out this week Ben Affleck plays a unique action hero who has autism. And TCL’s  movie guy Paul McGuire Grimes suggests a home release based on a the Edgar Rice Burroughs stories.

THE ACCOUNTANT (theatrical release)

When Christian Wolff was a kid, he showed signs attributed to autism. He was a genius with numbers and had OCD type behavior. It was a time when kids didn’t live in a sensory-friendly world. Even his dad refused to acknowledge what he was going through. Christian moved all around the country, as his dad was active in the military. His father taught him and his brother how to be aggressive and use survival skills as they grew up. Now as an adult, Christian now uses his math skills as a CPA accountant. He has a small private office in strip mall. Of course that’s essentially all a cover up for a larger ring of illegal and secretive business deals he has around the world. Christian is hired by Lamar Black who’s company Living Robotics has seen millions of dollars go missing over the past few years. He’s paired with Dana, an accounting clerk for the company, to go through the books and find out where the money’s gone. Throughout all of this, Christian finds himself the target of the Treasury Department who wants to bring him down for all of his illegal handlings. The catch is that they have no idea who he is as he frequently uses alias during his business deals; he’s simply referred to as “The Accountant.”

-Starring: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jon Bernthal, J.K. Simmons, John Lithgow, Jeffrey Tambor, Jean Smart

-Affleck’s character reminds me of a mix of Will Hunting (Matt Damon’s Good Will Hunting character) mixed with The Terminator and Jason Bourne. He’s an extremely smart genius who is a killing machine with a sharp eye.

-Affleck is perfectly believable in the role. He’s no stranger to action movies, but can also play into his charisma and vulnerable sides. Kendrick is the plucky and smart sidekick type character who finds herself far in over her head now that she’s connected to Christian.

-Has a dry sense of humor. Don’t be afraid to laugh at some of the one-liners that Affleck has to deliver.

-Audience plays the role of investigator, which on screen is the Melinda character, as we try to figure out who is plotting against whom, who is behind it all, and who you can trust.

-If you’ve seen any of the marketing for the movie it fits in well with how the movie plays out like one big puzzle. There are so many moving pieces, side plots, and untrustworthy characters that you have to put together.

-Has a somewhat original premise as I’ve never quite seen an action film centered on an autistic assassin/accountant. I’ll be curious to see how the autism community reacts to the depiction of Affleck’s character.

-Feels like a good, sometimes far-fetched, mystery novel with twists and reveals in the final act. Some are fairly predictable if you’ve seen enough of these action thriller types.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? It’s a fun, popcorn action flick not to be taken too seriously



THE LEGEND OF TARZAN (home release)

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård takes on the title role of the “jungle whisperer” who grew up with apes swinging from tree to tree. Before he appears, we’re first introduced to Captain Leon Rom, played by Christoph Waltz. He’s the greedy bad guy making shifty deals in the African Congo. It’s the late 1800s and he’s outsourcing diamonds to pay off a massive amount of debt he’s racked up. His army is quickly destroyed by a native tribe led by Chief Mbonga. In return for the Chief’s precious diamonds, Captain Rom promises to bring him the legend and myth that is Tarzan. Meanwhile back in London, Tarzan is now living the aristocratic life as John Clayton with his wife Jane. He’s been invited by the Prime Minister to head back to the Congo to serve as a special trade ambassador. He’s thought of a celebrity in his native land, so it only makes sense that he’s chosen. The always-outgoing Jane desperately wants to go, but he’s leery due to how dangerous and stressful it could be on her. He eventually relents, and while the local citizens and animals greet them warmly, they are unaware of the plot against him by Chief Mbongo and Captain Rom.

-Starring: Skarsgård, Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou

-Skarsgård does a commendable job at bringing those animalistic physicalities into play. Pairs well with Robbie who gives Jane a tough edge and makes her more than a standard damsel in distress.

-Waltz is on pure autopilot with him playing another smug villain. It feels extremely lazy coming for a two-time Oscar winning actor.

-Stays fairly close to the Edgar Rice Burroughs stories. There’s just enough given in flashback scenes to add that context for newbies without it feeling like an origins style movie.

-Director David Yates (the last four Harry Potter films) brings that epic feel to it while keeping an artistic vision to it with a focus on the characters and landscape at hand. Felt like the African culture is equally important and comes alive.

-It should appeal to a wide audience. I would stay cautious of bringing little kids. The growling apes and fights between them and Tarzan could be be deemed a bit scary.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Good old-fashion adventurous fun. Nothing more. Nothing less.


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