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Em’s Adventures: Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition

It was a popular show on the Discovery Channel for years. Now, Mythbusters is an exhibit that allows you to see firsthand how or if something will work. Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition is at Mall of America.

The exhibit showcases props and gear that were actually used in the show. It also allows people to try things out. For example, is it better to run or walk through ran? Will you get wetter if you walk? Or what about becoming a super hero? How long does it really take to transform into character. There are all sorts of scenarios for the entire family to try.

The exhibit gets you thinking and learning a bit about the science behind so many interesting things that we may or may not think about on a daily basis. It’s certainly a spot where you’ll be entertained by your curiosity.

In addition to the hands on areas, there’s also a store with Mythbusters gear.

The exhibit is here through January 15th. Click here to learn more about dates, times and ticket prices.