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Good Company: Hallstrom’s Florist and Greenhouse

Dave and Diane Hallstrom love their hometown of Red Wing, Minnesota. They say it’s unlike any other city because of its feel, its people and what it has to offer.

Dave and Diane have worked at their family business, Hallstrom’s Florist and Greenhouse, since the 1970’s. However, the company started way before that in 1886. It was Dave’s great grandfather that started with fruits and vegetables. He would sell to local merchants. That included the St. James hotel. Dave’s grandfather took over and eventually flowers were added. Dave is the fourth generation who has worked with the family company.

Hallstrom’s is more than just a flower shop. The employees get to know the customers. They have become a part of people’s lives because folks stop at the flower shop to celebrate and to mourn lives. Dave and Diane have shed a lot of tears and shared a lot of hugs over the years.

There have been a lot of changes. Ice cream and chocolates have been added. They also sell gifts.

This Good Company has been around for 130 years and the Hallstrom’s believe there’s no better place to call home than Red Wing.

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