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Mantras and Accessories

The definition of mantra is "instrument of thought". Coming up with a good mantra can make you feel more confident and sure of yourself. And adding a fashionable accessory or distinctive look that matches your mantra can help drive it home. 

Presence Engineer and Executive Coach Roshini Rajkumar helped three Minnesotans pick their perfect mantra and the look to match. 

Mandy's mantra: "I radiate positivity and attract positive people"
Mandy's accessory: Necklaces
Natasha's mantra: "I am sophisticated and daring."
Natasha's accessory: Purse
Kevin's mantra: "Passion. Perseverance. Movement."
Kevin's accessory: Suit

Roshini is a communications coach, speaker and author. You can find out more about her services and pick up a copy of her book "Communicate That!" on her website, OwnYourWow.

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