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Luxury "Shacks"

Nomadic Shack is a family-owned business, creating luxury pre-fab shacks that can be placed in the most remote settings. The brainchild of Angela Erickson and Jordan Hage, Nomadic Shack was founded out of the need to build a hunting camp in the wilds of Saskatchewan with little time and no possibility of site supervision. 
Through a custom design process led by Crosslake and Minneapolis based Remwhirl Architecture, each shack is built in climate controlled environment and then transported to any location in North America.  The timeline from start to shipment is approximately 90 days. They are then installed in less than 10 days.   Nomadic Shack also offers concierge services. Furnishings, bedding, linens, dishes, personalized glassware, and even cleaning supplies and toilet paper can be stocked in a clients’ shack.   On their most recent build, featured here on Twin Cities Live, Nomadic Shack partnered with another Minnesota company - Cambria.  Full slabs of quartz in Cambria’s newest colors were installed vertically in the bathrooms and kitchen.   
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