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Medifast: How to Shop After Weight Loss

Fashion is often used to express how we feel about our bodies, what we like we show off, what we don’t we cover up. But when it comes to weight loss and shopping for our new bodies, it’s important to know how to accentuate your new figure! Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers is our go-to when it comes to highlighting the right areas and it’s why we asked her to help people who’ve had success on the Medifast Weight Loss Program. 
1. Laurel
Laurel lost 54 pounds in just under a year at the Apple Valley Medifast location. She says Medifast was the right balance between easy meals so that she wasn’t overwhelmed with meal planning. 
Laurel’s Look:
Top: Francesca’s - $38
Pants: White House Black Market - $79
Earrings: Francesca’s - $20
Shoes: DSW - $49.95
Bracelets: White House Black Market - $45
2. Laura
Laura lost 155.2 pounds at the Minnetonka Medifast location. She began the program in December 2015 with a starting weight of 325.6 pounds. Now she weighs 170.4 lbs! She says the program helped stop her sugar cravings. She even turned her dining room into a gym because she finally had energy to work out!
Laura’s Look:
Shirt: Banana Republic - $51.99
Jacket: Banana Republic - $168
Pants: Banana Republic - $98
Shoes: DSW - $49.95
3. Andy
Andy has been able to keep 111 pounds off for a year thanks to the Medifast Weightloss Program. His breaking point was literally on a mountain! Andy said he failed miserably at 254 pounds trying to climb Quandry Peak in Colorado. His failure was motivation. 
Andy’s Look
Shirt: Macy’s - $75
Pants: Macy’s $69.95
Tie: Macy’s $59.50
Belt: Gap - $39.95
Shoes: DSW - $59.95
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