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Good Company: Knoke’s Chocolate and Roasted Nuts

Knoke’s Chocolate and Roasted Nuts has become a destination for both locals and tourists. It’s a cute and quaint shop in Hudson that has everything from chocolate and caramels to ice cream and roasted nuts.
The business started in 2000. Owner Dave Knoke says it’s the people of the community that make the business a success. It’s a tight knit city and everyone that walks in will leave with a smile. No matter what they’re looking for. 
Knoke’s is known for its caramel and they hand make their goodies every day. They also have a fun chalk board with the names of people that will get a free treat. It’s the “Buy One for Someone” board and the idea is to pay it forward. Someone even donated to the entire police force.
Knoke’s will soon open a location on Como Avenue in St. Anthony Park in October.
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