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Clothes Mentor

With the change of the seasons, some people switch out their whole closet.  Going from summer clothes to winter clothes doesn’t mean you have to get a whole new wardrobe.  Kimberlee Curtis from Clothes Mentor shows us how to transition to fall just by adding a few pieces to your closet. 

Faux Fur for Fall – you’ll find it in layering vests, trim on coats & boots, and details on accessories.
Take cropped denim into the next season by adding knee high boots.
Switch your handbag from summer prints to fall hues – look for deeper, darker colors.
Retail:  $658
Clothes Mentor Price: $189

Working in the Winter – take your office attire into the next season by adding a rich blazer.  Look for heavier fabrics like suede, wool, or tweed.
Change your work bag from a canvas tote to a rich leather handbag.
Wear boots under your dress pants for a polished look.
Change your jewelry from your brightly colored necklaces for gold and metallic tones.
Retail: $490
Clothes Mentor Price: $122

Layer Up – take your favorite summer dresses into fall by adding tights or leggings.
Cover your arms with a coordinating sweater or cardigan.
The color olive is everywhere this year!
Add a scarf for an extra pop of print or color.
Switch out sandals for ankle booties.
Retail: $315
Clothes Mentor Price: $91