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9/1 Fair Insider

Twin Cities Live’s local guy about town is also a walking state fair information booth!  Mike Marcotte, our Fair Insider, shares his tips to make your trip to the fair amazing.

Deals on Water:

  • Bring a water bottle into the fairgrounds.  There are water bottle refill stations located in the Coliseum, Eco Experience, and the restrooms south of Kidway on the sest side of Cooper Street
  • Don’t pay more than $1.75 for 20 ounces of water – the booth selling Rice Krispie Treats across the street from Ye Old Mill has the best deal.
  • Don’t forget you can fill a cup up at the KSTP building.  You can also win a year’s supply of Culligan drinking water!

Frozen Fruit:

  • Apple Popsicles for $1.50 in the Ag-Hort Building (Minnesota grown apples available for purchase too!)
  • Frozen Grapes from Bayou Bob’s

Best Shaded Places to Sit:

  • Family Fair at Baldwin Park across from the 4H building
  • Between French Crepes and French Meadow Bakery across from Ye Old Mill


Two trolleys can take you from the Creative Activities building to the Pet Center. Runs from 8 AM – 9 PM, with the exception of the parade from 2-3 PM.  One of the trolleys is handicapped accessible.