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Food & Drink of Brazil

All eyes are on Rio for the 2016 Olympics.  For some people, watching the games inspires them to take up a new sport.  For just makes them want to try the food and drink of the country!  Minnesota Monthly's food critic, Joy Summers, shares her favorite food and drink from Brazil that you can find right here.

She starts with Caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil. It’s main ingredient is Cachaca and you can buy it at most Haskell’s!

Hola Arepa in Minneapolis created a twist on the traditional Caipirinha. The Regal Rivalry is a mixture of strawberry, Aperol and Dragonfruit.

Now it’s time to eat. Joy’s first stop is at the new JW Marriott located at Mall of America. There you can watch the Olympic Games and sip on one of their Olympic themed cocktails. But they also serve delicious Brazilian Food.

Joy suggests their Lemmon Churrasco Wings with Sour Cream Cilantro Dipping Sauce and their Crispy Tostones.

Her second stop takes us to the Midnord Empanada Food Truck.

And last, she takes us to Samba in Hopkins where you can find authentic Brazilian cuisine.