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12 Days of Grilling: Tacos de Carne Asada



We’re grilling around the globe with the Minnesota Beef Council  in our 12 Days of Grilling.  We are spicing things up as we head to Mexico!  Milissa Silva-Diaz, co-owner of El Burrito Mercado, with her Tacos de Carne Asadas. 




Flank Steak "Arrachera" 

Heat up the charcoal or gas grill.

Sprinkle some salt, mexican oregano is an option too, brush lightly with olive oil or cooking oil (some people also like to marinade a bit with fresh lime juice)

Place on grill cook for about 3minutes each side until tender or as well done as you like.

Place the meat on a cutting board, slice into small pieces, heat tortillas on the griddle, like 30seconds each side.


Flat Steak "Carne Asada Preparada" 

This meat is already cut up and seasoned with oil and salt.  Place on a skillet over the grill or stove top fry pan high heat and cook to desired color. 

Warm up tortillas and start preparing tacos. 


Tacos de Carne Asada Traditional Accompaniments

Frijoles de la Olla (pinto beans), soak beans in water for at least an hour prior to cooking, follow your favorite method for making beans.

Salsa Aguacate (creamy avocado salsa)
Salsa Nortena (thick chile arbol salsa)
Grilled Bulb Onion
Grilled Jalapenos in lime and salt
Sliced radishes

Grilled Bulb Onion "Cebolla Cambray"

Wash and trim ends, brush with olive oil and place grill - optional to wrap in foil 

Turn every once in awhile to get all the sides toasty, they are cooked when soft


Grilled Jalapenos "Chile Asado"
(if you do this on a skillet or pan, it's called "Chile Toreado", let it black on all sides)

Wash the peppers first, leave stem on, place on grill. 

They are cooked when all sides are soft and mostly blackened. You can either just squeeze lime and take bites alternating between bites of your taco, or, slice off the stem, carefully slice open the jalapeno and scrape out seeds with knife and slice up the jalapeno the long way, squeeze with fresh lime juice and sprinkle with a bit of salt.


Grilled Cactus "Nopal Asado"

Carefully hold the cactus from the end with no needles, over a trash can or plate, scrape off the needles with a sharp knife. Rinse it under running water, lay it flat on a cutting board and make small slices across the edges about 1" deep, then brush with oil and sprinkle salt, place on the grill.  The cactus is done when the slimy stuff from inside is gone and it's tender and toasty.  

Then, slice it up and place in tacos or eat alone, sprinkle some fresh lime juice. 

Garnish options: washed fresh cilantro, radishes are often enjoy with tacos too.


For the proper cooking time for your cut, you can check the Reference Grilling Time chart. Grilling is a low-fat and healthy way to cook that brings together family and friends to enjoy delicious food.  Check out the Minnesota Beef Council's website for more advice on selecting and grilling beef for your backyard barbeques.

Get the most out of your next grilling experience by following these three simple steps to avoid charring or burning the food you grill.

For more great grilling recipes and meal ideas, be sure to check out the Minnesota Beef Council website: www.mnbeef.org or join the conversation on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.