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Be Well with TCL: Supercharge Your Coffee

If you're not adding cream to your coffee in the morning, would you consider a pinch of turmeric? What if you could skip the coffee all together and drink something else to give you a boost of energy? 

Food and Fitness Blogger, Lindsey Bomgren, stopped by with her secrets to kickstart the morning. That secret doesn’t just start with hot coffee, but supercharged water! 

Detox Water

16 oz warm water
1 scoop Collegen Protein (available at Whole Foods or ordered online)
Lemon slices
Ginger slices


Superfood Coffee

6 oz coffee
1-2 tsp coconut butter (or coconut oil)
1 tsp maca (hormones especially good for women)
½ tsp cinnamon (blood sugar stabilizer)
¼ tsp turmeric (anti-inflamatory)
¼ cup almond milk
(Make it mocha by adding 1 Tbsp cacao powder)

Check out Lindsey's blog for more recipe and workout ideas.