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Sweet Treats Using Wine

It’s time to make desserts using wine! Haskell’s Ted Farrell shares ice cream and slushy recipes you can make as a sweet treat!


Mango Ice Chard


2 pints of heavy cream
1 mango
1 Granny Smith apple, skin on and sliced
Juice of one lemon
2 oz. Spiced Rum
Zest of one lime
1 bottle of Chardonnay
1 cup of sugar


Combine all ingredients, except the cream, and refrigerate overnight. Pour into blender and purée until nice and smooth. Combine equal parts of purée and cream and stir until evenly distributed. Put mixture in freezer for 30 minutes. Then follow your ice cream machine’s instructions.

Wine used: Karma Chardonnay, $10.99


Purple Cream Dream


1 pint blackberries
1 ripe plum, pit removed and sliced
1 bottle red wine
1 pint heavy cream
1/3 cup sugar
2 oz chocolate pieces (optional)


In a sauce pan, add fruit wine and sugar. Stir over medium to high heat until mixture reduces by half. Strain mixture with a mesh strainer to remove the blackberry seeds.  Once cooled, combine cream and mixture and place in freezer. Fold in the chocolate pieces after 15 minutes (optional) then place back in freezer for another 15 minutes.  Remove mixture from freezer and follow your manufacturer’s instructions to make your ice cream.

Wines used:

Cotes du Rhone Acantalys Rouge, $9.99
Cavatina Moscato, $9.98


Moscato Sangria Slush


1 ruby red grapefruit
2 ripe peaches
2 pears
1 cup sugar
1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc
1 bottle of Sparkling Moscato


Add first five ingredients in a pitcher and refrigerate overnight. Once steeped, used a blender and purée the mixture until smooth. Place mixture in a freezer safe dish for 30 minutes or until you see ice forming around edge of dish. Open Moscato and pour 1/2 bottle into mixture and stir to combine. Freeze until a thick slush is formed. Scoop into a martini glass. If desired pour some remaining Moscato in glass with slush.

Wine used: Fog Mountain Sauvignon Blanc, $10.99

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