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Good Company: Sleep Number

Sleep is a big problem for many Americans and there’s one company in Minnesota that has made it their mission to help millions of people get the right kind of sleep. Sleep Number is part of Select Comfort which is based in Plymouth, Minnesota. It has certainly gained popularity over the last several years, but the Sleep Number story dates back to 1987.

The company wanted to offer beds for folks that need a better night’s sleep. So, they set up a kiosk in Rosedale Mall. As business started to boom, they eventually grew to a store. Then, two factories were added to keep up with the demand. Today, there are 500 stores and about 3,400 employees. About a thousand of those employees are in Minnesota.

Over the  years, the technology has changed to help with cooling and heating, to help stop snoring and to help with back issues. The company also has sleep scientists on staff.

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