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Free Advice from an Interior Designer

Elizabeth’s mom, Susie Ries, has decades of experience as an interior designer. We asked her for some of the most common mistakes homeowners make while decorating and stops by with simple advice on how to make your rooms look bigger and more eye pleasing.

Susie’s advice:

  • Do hang your drapes up high
  • Do hang art down low
    • Hang art 3-6” above a sofa
    • Center of the piece should be 4.5-5’ above the floor
    • When hanging two or three pieces side by side, hang them 2-5” apart
  • Scrape off those popcorn ceilings
    • Note that homes built before 1978 may have asbestos in the material, meaning that a professional should be hired
  • Do buy extra long shower curtains
    • Use a drape panel instead of a short shower curtain
    • Longer shower curtains should not sit on the floor – instead have them rest 1” above
    • Buy extra long shower liners – Susie recommends buying them online

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