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Back-to-School Bedroom Makeover

Twins Hannah and Kylee love Twin Cities Live.  When they heard about the IKEA Back-to-School Bedroom makeover contest, they begged their mom to enter them.  Not only did the teens want a change, once IKEA took a look at their entry, they knew that they needed to give the girls a new bedroom! 

Being the youngest members of the family, Kylee and Hannah’s bedroom consists of all hand-me-downs.  Including the bunk beds that were their mom’s and her sisters over 30 years ago!  IKEA designer, Brian Bruce and his team say “out with the old – and in with the new!”

1. Keep it bright yet simple

  • Mossflox duvet cover and pillowcase(s), multicolour twin $29.99
  • Adum turquoise rug 52" $49.99

IKEA textiles are designed to coordinate. Starting with a neutral foundation, a room can easily be transformed with textiles for any style or a changing style down the road. When your taste changes, it'll be easy to update the room by simply changing out the textiles.

2. Lighting

  • Jansjo work light white $9.99
  • Lampan mood light $4.99
  • Krusning pendant lamp shade, white $9.99
  • Ryet 2pk 400 lumen led light bulbs for only 1.99!!
    (led lights use 85% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent)

3. Personalize your space

  • Kvissle box with lid, set of 4, cork, white $14.99
  • Fejka artificial potted plant, orchid white $7.99
  • Pallra box with lid, light pink $9.99

Accessories are a great way to showcase your personality, pick what speaks to you and what you like.  You can continue the theme of your design with color and style with these pieces which are also super functional.