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Good Company: Suds

It wasn’t that long ago when when Erin Seidl decided she wanted to make her own natural soaps. She had been on the hunt to find a product that worked well and wasn’t  happy with them. So, she got a kit online and starting making it. Before she knew it, she was heading to what she calls a bath and body boot camp in California. It was then when she started to take what she learned and began tweaking recipes. She was adding and subtracting and coming up with her own fragrances. Family and friends were hooked. In 2010, Suds was born.

The goal was to make products that were all natural. No harsh detergents, colors, fragrances or artificial preservatives. Erin uses essential oils and natural colors, butters and oils.

Erin was a chemical engineer turned food scientist before starting this hobby which just so happened to turn into her business. Erin is a new mom with her husband Brian. Their daughter Noelle had a stroke shortly before she was born. Now, Suds has allowed Erin to be home to care for Noelle, but to also have a business that she’s passionate and proud of.

Erin has come up with all sorts of products. She and her husband are always busy trying and making new things. They have several beer soaps. They are made with local beers and sold in multiple local breweries. Suds also makes a soap that is for the avid outdoorsman or woman. It helps hide the human scent.

It’s not just soaps. Suds has stick lotions, chap stick, sugar scrub, baby powder and more.

Both Erin and Brian say they wouldn’t be where they are today without the help of other local business owners. They started small and in farmers markets, but thanks to the help from people like Angie from Angie’s Boom ChickaPop and from the folks at Midwest Pantry, they have been able to get advice and contacts that have helped them grow into something much bigger. They are in stores and also online and have sold to folks all over the country and world. They say they hope they, too, will be able to return the favor to other newcomers getting started in their own business.

Click here to learn more about the company and to find out where you can buy Suds products.