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Em’s Adventures: Emily taps her way through Prior Lake

TCL in Your Town hits up the city of Prior Lake. It’s a city with lots of character. There are great places to eat, shop and to enjoy for recreation. There also just so happens to be a spot that is very popular with local dancers. It’s called Premiere Dance Academy. There’s ballet, hip hop, point and even lyrical dance lessons. However, it’s tap that caught Emily’s attention.

In this Em’s Adventures, Emily checks it out and even gets a lesson. But that’s not all. She takes it a step further and has her instructor come along for a little dancing across the city. Along the way, they hit up businesses which includes a jewelry store, a gym, a park and even a meeting with the city’s assistant fire chief.

Thanks to the folks at Premiere Dance Academy for letting Emily have some fun. For more information about them and the classes that are offered click here.