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50 Years Later Park Tavern Still Going Strong

Park Tavern Bowling and Entertainment Center has been a mainstay in the city of St. Louis Park for more than 50 years.  And for good reason.  It offers something for everyone.

Proprietor Phil Weber knows that traditional sentiment says that you can’t please everyone, but he’s tried to do just that by offering multiple options under one roof. 

The dining room is the first to greet guests.  Not only is it the place to grab a great bite to eat, but it’s also the venue for their weekly karaoke.  If singing in public isn’t your thing, you can stroll right past the dining room and head for the bowling alley.  And while some alleys around town cater to the serious bowler, Park Tavern focuses on the fun.  They welcome casual bowlers whose first priority is to get together with friends and family to enjoy a good game.  The score takes care of itself.  And whether you score high or low, the 11th Frame will be waiting for you.  The full-service bar is the newest addition to Park Tavern.  Weber made the decision to add it on to the existing building twelve years ago, and he’s proud to say that it’s been a great success.

Twin Cities Live will be hosting its annual “Patioke” event at Park Tavern on July 21st.  Singers will try to impress judges in hopes of moving onto the final round at the Twin Cities Live stage at the Minnesota State Fair.  One winner will be crowned and will walk away one thousand dollars richer.