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New Trends in Landscaping

Take a look at your yard.  Do you have rocks or do you have mulch?  What about your patio?  Is it made of concrete or is it lined with pavers?  What’s in?  What’s out?  And perhaps most importantly, what works best?

Nick Tamble and his team at Lawn and Landscape Gardens love taking on a challenge.  He helps homeowners figure out what materials will work best for their space and for our extreme climate here in Minnesota.

Tamble has seen a lot of homeowners move away from rock, instead opting for mulch.  That aesthetic change coincides with a larger movement toward a natural look.  The biodegradable aspect of mulch is a hit with homeowners. 

And if you’re considering swapping out your concrete patio for pavers, you’re right on trend.  But a word to the wise: pavers seem like a good DIY project, but Tamble has seen a lot of them go awry.  If you decide to tackle it on your own, make sure you have the right base and equipment.  Pavers are only as good as the base they are laid on.  But sometimes it just pays to bring in the pros.

Call Nick and his team at Lawn and Landscape Gardens at 763-951-3500 or visit them online at www.llgardens.com.