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Good Company: Cambria

Cambria is a Minnesota based company that has been here since the beginning. It was started by the Davis family who has always been known for its entrepreneurial spirit. Cambria started in 2000, but its history dates back to the 1930’s.

It was Stan Davis who in the 1930’s got started in the butter business. He eventually went on to buy his own creamery. Over the years, more creameries were added. As the company started to evolve and change, the family saw the cheese business as an opportunity. They turned their focus to primarily cheese. Their business grew over the next few decades and then in 2000 they were approached about a technology that was new. Once again intrigued by something unique, they went after it.  They were told about quartz processing equipment and the rest is now history. And there’s nothing else like it.

Cambria’s facility is based in Le Sueur, Minnesota. Today, there are more than 150 choices for customers. The product is durable, can be spilled on and comes in all sorts of colors and designs. It’s manufactured in Le Sueur, but there are multiple galleries that showcase the product.

Although Minnesota is and will always be home, the business is going international. The team at Cambria says it’s the Minnesota work ethic that has allowed this company to expand and to succeed in this short time. It has taken a lot of hard work and it’s paying off.

All of Cambria’s products have an English name to tie into the family’s English heritage. However, there’s one that has double meaning. One of the products is called Princetown. It’s a city in England, but it also has special meaning because of the name “Prince” in honor of the late musician from Minnesota. The color fittingly includes purple. It’s also perfect for another project. Cambria will also be featured in the brand new Vikings home. US Bank Stadium has the largest installation of Cambria that the company has ever done. They did 12 custom colors for the project.

Cambria has given back in a big way. One of the employees’ passions is Camp Cambria. It’s a place where kids dealing with juvenile arthritis can go to play and to feel normal with other kids going through the same thing. To learn more about Camp Cambria, click here.

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