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Avoid a Trip to the Vet

Doctor Erin Bequette from the Animal Emergency and Referral Center (AERC) stopped by with common issues veterinarians see over the summer months, starting with a veggie that can cause serious harm.

Doctor Bequette’s advice:

  • Don’t feed meat bones to your dog
  • Make sure the area around your grill is clear, especially of rock
  • Keep trash covered and clean up spills
  • Have a bucket of dog treats out so guests can give your dog those versus table scraps
  • Make sure any compost piles aren’t accessible to your dog
  • Do not let your pet near blue-green algae
  • Remove and dispose of any wild mushrooms in your yard
  • Use dog toys instead of letting your dog play with sticks in the yard

AERC will be at the Cat Video Festival, happening Tuesday, August 9th at CHS Field in Saint Paul. Tickets are available online.